How it works

Finding your cognitive type can be an incredibly difficult process, with much of the various videos and blog-posts on the internet doing little more than sew even more confusion into an already complicated topic.

The CPT Type Service prioritises self-discovery over simply being handed a type code – for this reason, a back-and-forth dialogue is essential for effective results. No one person is exactly the same type as another, and as such the emphasis is understanding your own individual cognition, rather than just one of sixteen variants.

After purchasing a specific service, please fill in the application form accessible from the menu of the home page. This will supply the information necessary to form a preliminary assessment of type and narrow down the options.

Within two weeks you will be contacted for more information, and after an exchange of up to three emails (per party) the next stage will begin. For non-basic packages, a date and time for a video-call will be at this point be arranged.

The video-call available in Tier I & II is not only an important means of confirming type and selecting from the options previously elucidated, but also to answer any questions that may arise to understand the results.

All services supply an additional selection of types in order of likelihood, should there be any doubt as to the primary results.

Highly Objective and Thorough

5.0 rating
12th May 2020

First off, I don’t trust most people’s objectivity, especially when it comes to typing as many interpretations can arise from a single statement/source of information. This happens all the time when I bring up being a clairempath. Something which, contrary to belief, is not tied to cognitive stacks. Rather, it is something that occurs outside such things and stems from another source than human cognition patterns and their ability to perceive things (however, that is another subject matter entirely). The fact that he has the ability to recognize and acknowledge this was a big selling point in the final analysis. Most people become too enmeshed in their own perceptual biases, which is why I chose to go with Harry here. You can have absolute faith and trust that he will understand and objectively analyze your inner workings without pre-conceived notions of behavior that often lead to misunderstandings and mis-typings. We are all equally complex beings and he’s definitely on the right track.
If you have any doubts or don’t know who to go with, I can’t recommend him enough. Though I am moving on to my next path, if you find yourself here, stay for a bit and consider a consultation. You have nothing to lose, only to gain.

Serra Kerrick

Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thank you so much Serra – it was a pleasure to converse and I’m really happy you were satisfied with the service! 🙂

Finding the cognitive functions without relying on stereotypes

5.0 rating
28th April 2020

I am very satisfied with the typing service. Harry’s Typing does not refer to the stereotypical behaviors and statements of the different personalities, but on the underlying patterns. Even after the interview he is very accommodating when questions arise and answers them in detail so that they are really understood. I trust his competence and knowledge and I also have absolutely no need of having the result confirmed by another coach, because he could explain very well why I am this type and not that type.


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thanks Paulina – I’m glad the service was of value!

Absolutely Worth It!

5.0 rating
3rd April 2020

It was very hard for me to understand my personality type because I could relate to several types. Sometimes I bring an unconscious functions into consciousness, and it confused me. Harry was able to help me understand my personality type, and I how I dip into other cognitive functions. I’m very happy with the results.


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thank you Christina – it was my pleasure to provide some clarity and I’m really glad the type service was valuable to you!

Professionalism and Fun

5.0 rating
6th July 2020

I’m so glad I found CPT and Harry, respectively the first no nonsense modern theory based on Jung’s typology and the first professional typologist I encountered, and I stretch the word “professional”. I’ve been trying to find my type for many years without success and then Harry, after a careful analysis of the information I sent him and based on the information he gathered during our video call, came up with a type I haven’t even considered using the Myers-Briggs system. CPT’s result makes sense and actually explains lots of stuff about me. And the best part is that I have already started to use that knowledge for self development. Also, the whole process was lots of fun and I could tell that Harry is really passionate about helping people like me to understand themselves better. And it works. And the price of his service is very low compared to was you get in return. Worth every penny. So I’m a very grateful client. Thanks a lot Harry!


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thank you so much Francois, it was a genuine pleasure to work with you!

Finally I found my type or at least the core one

5.0 rating
2nd July 2020

I started to watch CPT on YouTube and I was sold with the knowledge and technique Harry uses. Then, I bought the book and after reading it, quickly realize he knows his stuff. Especially how he focus on flexibility and not getting caught up in dogmas. I’ve been for years trying to figure out my type but I couldn’t, so I decided to get the type services and after few emails and a video conference, Harry was able to type me and even connected the second Type thought I was to the core one. If you want to really know your type Harry is the guy. Excellently done ✅! I’m very happy with the result and the accuracy. One more thing, Harry takes the types out of the behavior focus and it removes stigmas and even misrepresentation of types is out there. He leaves room for potential, flexibility, and growth! Very happy and comfortable ENTP with some INFJ qualities.

Joshua S

Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thank you so much Joshua, it was great to talk with you! I appreciate your support and am happy to have shined a light on your type!


CPT methodology is employed for the effective understanding of type cognitive dynamics – the more you know yourself, the more effective CPT becomes.

The typing of other people within a short space of time blurs the line between cognitive and behavioural psychology and will seldom be 100% reliable, but narrowing the options down is relatively straightforward and in many cases a type-code will be given with certainty.

Transparency is also highly encouraged – if your thought patterns indicate one type, and your words another, CPT will place greater value on the underlying cognition. It is my obligation to indicate the type I believe you to be, and help you come to your own understanding of this.

Type Service Basic – $50

For those who want a streamlined estimation of their most likely type. This is an entirely text-based service that involves:

  • A short email exchange.
  • Most likely type, and secondary alternative.
  • Type descriptions for each.

Type Service Tier 1 – $80

A more in-depth service including an hour length video call to iron out uncertainties and explain the type in more detail.

  • Hour-long video call.
  • Email exchange.
  • Most likely type, and secondary alternative.
  • PDF of type descriptions.

Type Service Tier II – $120

A full exploration of type dynamics and two one-hour video calls to explore the type and underlying functions in more depth.

Includes full CPT Type-Score to demonstrate exactly how each function is expressed within your stack.

  • Two hour-long video calls.
  • CPT Type-Score.
  • Email Exchange.
  • Most likely type, and secondary alternative.
  • PDF of type descriptions.
  • PDF of type-score.

CPT Terms & Conditions

  • All private and confidential information, including your name and contact details, will not be shared with other companies.
  • All results are stored within an existing database of case studies for research purposes – aside from customer records, full names and other personal information are removed to protect individual privacy.
  • CPT methodology is an extremely effective means of determining type, but like any other system cannot ever supply absolute certainty in this regard.
  • CPT is not a substitute for professional psychiatric, or other government-licensed mental health services – any mental health conditions, including clinical depression and personality disorders, should be treated by a specialist.

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